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Universal Robots application example - Plug and Play with ROBOTIQ end effector

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The beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG stands for solid craftsmanship in audio and generating excellent products that have great sound so that users can pursue their profession and passion with these products in the best possible way. Due to their limited space on site, beyerdynamics decided to use collaborative robots for product manufacturing. Their objective is to establish stable and very good quality processes with the existing personnel and conditions through cobots. The implementation of this goal works best with the cobots from Universal Robots. Through the teach mode, the robot learns its work path step by step via manual guidance. The cobot can be ready for operation within half a day. Beyerdynamics relies on the cooperation of man and machine. Therefore the robots from Universal Robots are designed to work directly alongside humans. Thanks to the simple operation of the robots, errors can be corrected quickly. Since beyerdynamics' employees have been working with cooperative robots, the company has achieved a 50% increase in output while simultaneously improving their quality.

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