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Automatic percussion test performed by a linear robot

Drum cymbal test with automatic sound recording

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Also robots like to jam as the robot built by feinarbyte shows. The company developed a system for the automatic testing of drum cymbals. The important thing here is that the cymbal is played with uniform striking power at defined points. This is the only way to obtain comparable striking angles and thus comparable sound recordings.

In order for this to succeed, the contours of all pools are optically measured at the beginning. A sound recording is then automatically made for each attack. The audio samples are made available to Thomann customers in a web application in the store. This allows the customer to listen to and compare the sound before buying the cymbal. It can be assumed that customers are more willing to buy instruments online if they are given a good opportunity to test and compare the products. This may also minimize returns, which saves costs and protects the environment.

In order for customers to be able to access many audio samples for their comparison, it is necessary to digitize a large number of cymbals. The number of different cymbals multiplied by the attack positions and the different impact hardnesses results in a relatively large recording effort. In addition, even experienced musicians are not able to hit exactly comparable positions with exactly the same impact over and over again. The machine from feinarbyte masters these challenges.

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