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Cobot work table for reading barcodes

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In this technical video we see an igus ReBel 6dof cobot mounted on a Rocholz cobot table. The cobot, a collaborative robot, is designed to interact safely with humans in a shared work environment.

The igus ReBel 6dof Cobot is a six-axis robot that offers high flexibility and precision. It is capable of performing complex movements that enable the reading of barcodes on packaging.

The cobot is mounted on a robust Rocholz cobot table, which provides a stable platform for the cobot. The table is designed to support the load of the cobot while providing an efficient work surface.

The video shows how the cobot autonomously scans barcodes from packaging. This process is important for warehouse management and inventory control as it enables accurate tracking of products. The cobot uses a barcode scanner to read the barcodes and send the information to a central system.

Overall, the video shows how cobots and automation technology can help to make processes more efficient and accurate. It is an impressive example of the application of robotics in logistics and warehouse management.

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